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Posted by John Lindsay on 16th February 2012 in Christian Arts and Entertainment, Christian Drama, Faith-based Scripts

A gardener that doesn’t pull a weed out by the root will be destined to deal with the same recurring problems over and over, season after season. Someone committed to a weed-free garden will remove all the weeds by the root. Someone who is relentless will burn the weeds to insure the seeds are destroyed as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Driving Relationships

Posted by John Lindsay on 27th January 2012 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment, News, Op Ed

Most people would agree the quality of communication determines the strength of a relationship. Because today’s communication is technologically more advanced than ever before, we take for granted our relationships are as secure as our internet connection. We have an ever increasing number of social networking options to keep us abreast of the topics, issues and players who influence our world. And that is good, right?

The strength of an economy is based on transactions. Transactions are based on relationships. Relationships are based on trust. If this is true, then strong relationships should equate to a strong economy. If our relationships are as solid as we think, why is it now, at the pinnacle of the information age, with more means of staying connected than any generation before, we find ourselves in the midst of an economic crisis? But is the economic crunch affecting our trust or the trust factor affecting the economic condition? Read the rest of this entry »

Sports, Religion and Rationale

Posted by John Lindsay on 12th January 2012 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment, News, Producers

Last Sunday night, I was pleasantly surprised to tune in to catch a bit of hopeful folly at the end of a BBC update about Denver Broncos’ Tim Tebow. Julian Keane, co-host of BBC’s The World Today and sports journalist, Mike Carlson, were engaging in a lively volley on the subject of the fickle nature of fans as it pertained to Tim Tebow, whose professed belief in Jesus Christ has graced him and his team to victory seven out of eight of their last games. Read the rest of this entry »

Wear and tear

“Wear and Tear” is a sketch written by John Lindsay. Wear and Tear was first performed at Destiny Worship Center in 2011. This church-friendly drama is a short two-part comedy requiring two characters. This Christian comedy is ideal for a church or Bible study considering incorporating drama into its service or youth program. Below is the first half of this two-part sketch. If you’d like the full script, make a request for a complementary complete copy of “Wear and Tear” via email to Keep in mind that there are 15 sketches for all occasions complete with lesson plans and scripture references in the collection Consider the Stars.

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Achievements Worth Crowning (Keeping Competition Healthy)

Posted by John Lindsay on 28th December 2011 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment

The 2008 Olympic Commencement Ceremony in Beijing was a brilliant display of what unified people can achieve. Each performance told a story and was marvelously executed. The emphasis of each production effectively portrayed the theme of unity and harmony. Nowhere at any time did the Chinese tell the story of victory though they had a reputation which merited such a statement and a platform to do so. It was the entrance of the 600 individual athletes representing another country which told that story. This nation paraded themselves arrogantly before the world, as if with every step they took they claimed ownership, as if already victorious, unaware they were guests in someone else’s home. Read the rest of this entry »

Between the Lines

Posted by John Lindsay on 20th December 2011 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment, Faith-based Writers

Jesus is recorded in the book of John 8:6-8 to having twice stooped down to write on the ground. The first time was in response to those who were confronting him for defending the adulteress, and the second time was in order to give the accusers time to think. In between the two times he stooped down to write, he stood and said those immortal words, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast a stone at her.” (KJV)

When we stand in the gap, our typical behavior is to intimidate the opposition physically by looking at them in the eye. Jesus lowered himself. Even after he wrote on the ground the second time he did not lift his eyes to watch the accusers retreat. He did not gloat. He merely asked the woman where her accusers were and told her to go and sin no more.

Was what Jesus wrote a distraction, or did it have significant meaning? The Bible does not say. We only know it was written and it was helpful in defusing the will of a mob which could have easily overpowered him physically. Everything Jesus did contradicts what most of us would do instinctively. Even the choice to multitask in this instance led to a more favorable result than if Jesus had given his full attention to the situation. Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by John Lindsay on 11th December 2011 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment, Faith-based Writers

Today more and more people want the benefits of hard work without actually doing any.

If you are conscientious, you work hard generating momentum hoping someday you will have enough to retire comfortably on a sandy beach somewhere. Gaining drive through education and diligent effort toward a single goal is important, but there are very few historical examples of people accelerating to the end. Moses and David are two rare cases, but even Jesus, because his life by average standards was relatively short, would not fit into the group I am addressing. The apostle John did end up on a sandy beach (if you count writing the book of Revelation while being exiled on the isle of Patmos retirement). Read the rest of this entry »

The Art of the Follow Through

I’m John Lindsay– Avid bowler. During one of my late night practices, as much as I tried to focus on my technique (i.e. balance, timing, release, relaxing, pace, etc.), there was a group of young people a couple of lanes down that caught my attention. One girl in particular seemed like she’d had enough.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Perfect Gift

It is of utmost importance that we, as writers and producers of Bible-based work get our facts strait. The sketch “The Perfect Gift” was written and produced in 2008 at Detroit World Outreach and is a prime example of live drama, video and preaching (see video link below). The reference made in the sketch about the Magi meeting up with Mary and Joseph when Jesus was two years old was based on Matthew 2:16 but was incorrectly interpreted. There is no question that the Magi were an integral part of God’s plan to protect Jesus from King Herod, however there is no evidence that the Magi were at the birth nor is it feasible to think that it took them two years to arrive. Read the rest of this entry »