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Sports, Religion and Rationale

Posted by John Lindsay on 12th January 2012 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment, News, Producers

Last Sunday night, I was pleasantly surprised to tune in to catch a bit of hopeful folly at the end of a BBC update about Denver Broncos’ Tim Tebow. Julian Keane, co-host of BBC’s The World Today and sports journalist, Mike Carlson, were engaging in a lively volley on the subject of the fickle nature of fans as it pertained to Tim Tebow, whose professed belief in Jesus Christ has graced him and his team to victory seven out of eight of their last games. Read the rest of this entry »

The Perfect Gift

It is of utmost importance that we, as writers and producers of Bible-based work get our facts strait. The sketch “The Perfect Gift” was written and produced in 2008 at Detroit World Outreach and is a prime example of live drama, video and preaching (see video link below). The reference made in the sketch about the Magi meeting up with Mary and Joseph when Jesus was two years old was based on Matthew 2:16 but was incorrectly interpreted. There is no question that the Magi were an integral part of God’s plan to protect Jesus from King Herod, however there is no evidence that the Magi were at the birth nor is it feasible to think that it took them two years to arrive. Read the rest of this entry »