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Tattoo Taboo

Posted by John Lindsay on 12th May 2013 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment, Christian Doctrine, News


A tattoo is the equivalent of painting the back side of a canvas. God wants us to use the power of his word and spirit to rewrite the inner man – the front of the canvas from his point of view. Instruction written on the skin may get someone’s attention but will not change behavior. God’s word written on the heart and remembered will right behavior and keep someone’s attention. Tattoos glorify man but accomplish nothing. God’s word written on the heart and applied can accomplish anything. A tattoo might commemorate the past but God’s truth in the heart will establish the future.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 – 19  “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: Therefore glorify God in your body.”

Matthew 6:24 – “No man can serve two masters.” God is an all or nothing proposition. So let’s not limit our appreciation to the work man can do on our skin. Instead let us believe we are fearfully and wonderfully made and show the world what God can do with a blank inner canvas. True artistry flows from the inside out not the outside in.

Muslim Enemy Number 1

Posted by John Lindsay on 20th April 2013 in Christian Articles, Christian Doctrine, News


When I was 2 or 3-years-old, my grandmother would ask me to top sucking my thumb. I would then take my thumb out of my mouth and, with my thumb still wet with saliva, say, “I’m not sucking my thumb.” Who would have thought a child so young would show such a high aptitude for a career in either a journalism or politics.

In the aftermath of yet another seemingly arbitrary bombing, several reporters used their political correctness filters to avoid jumping to the obvious conclusion the offence was at the hands of Muslims. By doing so, they asked their audience to assume a cowardly strike aimed at the general public may have been orchestrated by some other group. Meanwhile, peaceful Muslims attempted to assure anyone who would listen, the Muslim faith does not condone the actions of their extremist brothers. Read the rest of this entry »

Creation – It’s Not Surprising

Posted by John Lindsay on 4th April 2013 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment, Christian Doctrine, News

The Cat's Eye Nebula

It is not surprising when someone refuses to accept the biblical view of creation. People prefer to see themselves as independent masters of their universe. Children cannot forget soon enough they were birthed from something. When given the choice between freedom and accountability, what teenager would choose the latter? We teach our kids to do their own work and to stay out of other people’s business and then throw them into a community environment as employees and wonder why they struggle. Even confusion has an origin if you look for it.

It is not surprising people do not believe in God. God is a spirit. We are predisposed to favor the physical over the spiritual. It is also difficult to filter spiritual concepts through physical senses. It is especially challenging equating spiritual attributes like faith to great power. When something physical is manufactured, it is not surprising no one sees the spiritual influence behind it. Read the rest of this entry »