Talking Nativity

Posted by John Lindsay on 6th December 2011 in Faith-based Writers
The Wrong Star     I thought he was with you.

Nativity displays can be like blended families. The surviving pieces in our collection are completely valueless. But, for some strange reason, after every season they continue to be wrapped in tissue and placed somewhat carefully back into their war-torn cardboard boxes.

Our mismatched set has been passed down from several sources for over a century. Some pieces are cheap plastic and others are chipped porcelain. I’m sure all of them meant something special to someone at some time, and, perhaps, that’s why we can’t let them go. Since no one’s around to tell us the history of each piece, I thought it might be interesting to let them speak for themselves.

Feel free to suggest dialogue of your own!

Clones     Keep Your Eye on Your Ewe


No Privacy     Murphy’s Law
Pruduction Value     Why Can’t I Stay Awake?
Sheep and Ass     What did the sheep say to the ass?


5 Responses to “Talking Nativity”

  1. John Lindsay Says:

    Wise Man: I feel like I’ve been carrying this gold around for fifty years.
    Shephard: In the box out of the box…What a life!
    Sheep: (to cow) Don’t they make belts out of you?
    Cow: Ya, but there’s no business like shoe business.

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  3. lsanko Says:

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  4. Michal Mowen Says:

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  5. John Lindsay Says:

    I don’t know the difference between RSS feed and dog food. I’d be happy to put you on my very small email list and let you know if I post something inspired if that all right with you.