Doctors Orders

Posted by John Lindsay on 12th October 2016 in Christian Articles, News, Op Ed

in_god_we_trust_hatWhat would a wise doctor suggest for an ailing America?…

Hey doc. For the longest time I haven’t felt like my old self. I thought it would pass. In the past I could bounce back from anything, but there’s been a lot of bruising and bleeding and it seems to be getting worse. I can’t afford to pay you. My health insurance got changed so you’re not even my doctor any more. Can you please just take a quick look and tell me if it’s serious or all in my head?

America, you have high blood pressure – resulting in a rise in violent crime which would account for the bruising; low blood sugar – resulting from a sluggish economy which is probably why you are feeling run down; you’re obviously in denial which is contributing to anxiety because of a growing ineffectiveness against terrorism which is why it took you so long to come in to see me. That could also account for the bleeding. You are suffering from hypertension – stemming from inner city civil wars between police and the criminally minded compounding racial unrest which would account for some of your hair loss. Insecurity – which explains why the selfish abuses of power were made by the Supreme Court and Executive Branch of the government which lead to your chronic aches and pain. Finally, your nausea stems from the liberal mainstream media which is feeding the people one-sided, opinion-laced propaganda, informing Americans there is either nothing wrong, or, if there is, it is someone else’s fault.

So Doc, is it fatal? How long can I survive? Is there a cure? Keep in mind a vast number of my population are insisting there’s nothing wrong by voting to keep the status quo.

As your doctor, all I can do is remind you some of the most deadly diseases have no noticeable outward symptoms.  I could give you pills to temporarily mask the symptoms but they won’t contribute one iota toward being cured. Healing only happens from the inside out. Looking at your X-rays I see you are made up of people who are a product of broken homes. They have suffered through divorce. They have been on the contributing side of an abortion. They think they deserve better and blame others for what is going on around them. They are generally easy going but are easily enraged when someone cuts them off on the road or confronts their faulty belief system…and attempting to justify any of these symptoms will just confirm my diagnosis.

But most Americans believe in a woman’s right to choose…

As your doctor I must respectfully tell you they do so in error. Their error is assuming a right, which is something earned or maintained through a bloodline, can be applied to reproduction. God grants all men not the right, but the freedom to choose – but never without consequence. America should believe in a woman’s freedom…even when it is to choose to disobey the will of even the best of parents, but they should never assume there will be no consequence. They should also believe in a woman’s freedom to go out with a man who has no job, education and a borrowed car, but not without consequence. The truth is people are free to sleep with whomever they choose, but once conception takes place (which is in itself a consequence to a deliberate action as opposed to an accident) and a new being is created, by their own statement, a right, which was established by no other merit than being alive, must cover the new being as well since it shares the same criteria of life equally with its parents. By taking away the right of the defenseless for the purpose of convenience or monetary gain, the defensible must be willing to forfeit their freedom to exist as well.

It seems hugely one-sided against the woman.

God accounts for all – including the unrepentant absent fathers who failed to show even the concept of honor and the responsibility of leadership to their sons. But keep in mind things like abortion, divorce and terrorism aren’t problems, they are merely symptoms of the problem.

OK. Let’s say American’s do get a little agitated when those conservative crackpots say climate change is a hoax, and the universe isn’t billions of years old and they shouldn’t buy into everything the main stream media is selling. What should I do?

Wear this hat. It’s the hat of authority.

Doc, you’re giving me control?

You see? That’s the problem with you, America. You don’t know the difference between control and authority. Any fool can take control but authority must be given and it is only powerful when the person with authority remains under authority. This hat is not your authority. It is a reminder to live under God’s authority. Put it on and tell me what you see.

Interesting. I see a correlation between forgiveness and love. I see a long ribbon stretched out with truth at its center. On one end is patience and kindness which comes from hope which comes from faith which comes from hearing and believing the word of God which is personified in Jesus Christ; the truth at the center of the ribbon. I see my anger and unforgiveness at the opposite end of the ribbon stemming from a lack of hope which comes from a lack of faith which comes from the misconception my way is better than God’s. But how can that be? I’m a Godly nation. Doesn’t the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Pledge of Allegiance or the inscription ‘In God We Trust’ count for anything?

These documents and inscriptions maintain strength through divine protection only for those who agree to walk under God’s authority. You see, violence occurs when police are forced to take control because citizens choose not to recognize the authority the police were given. When everyone is subject to God’s authority all are protected.

No wonder I’m feeling so weak and divided. But this hat is really uncomfortable. Does it come in another size?

Authority is not there for your comfort and convenience. It is there for your awareness and discipline. What it takes is minimal. What it gives is limitless and eternal.

I probably won’t have to wear it for long. There’s a big election coming up which should restore me to the great nation I once was. Too bad both candidates are so offensive.

America, America. Don’t you recall what happened when Michael, King David’s wife, declared how offensive it was for a king to dance about half naked in service to God? Afterward, she was left barren. Only God knows the heart of a man. Shame on the ungracious who throw stones as if they have never made a mistake. But woe to a man who wields scripture to condemn another. America, why do you continue to put your trust in what man can do? Can a Government or political party grant you what it does not possess? Peace, forgiveness, enlightenment – these things which matter come from above. Why are you still reluctant to wear the hat?

What will people think? I’m not sure if I can wear this in public. None of the symptoms you mentioned results in death.

You are free to do nothing. You are free to disregard my advice, but benefit will always correspond to level of commitment. The inscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty reads, “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless tempest-tossed to me,” If you choose not to take your medicine, America will offer no benefit to either the immigrant or the citizen because it will soon be no more prosperous and protected than any other country. There will be no issue of immigration since there will be no freedom in America worth breathing – other than the freedom to choose the consequence an ungodly people rightly deserve.

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