Russian Collusion

Posted by John Lindsay on 9th April 2017 in News, Op Ed

Russian and American flagIf you are wondering why Democrats are pressing the Russian collusion issue to the point of overselling, albeit without evidence, or if they will ever give it a rest, you may enjoy reverse engineering their story. Every story needs is a good antagonist. In today’s political climate, no one would argue Russia fits the bill. Injecting Russian collusion into their story gives it an ultmate evil which demonizes anyone associated with them.

No one would believe the leader of the free world is in cahoots with Russia without a reliable source. Enter National Security Agency (NSA). Why the NS

A? No

one would buy into a story where the plot was held together by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA). The CIA or FBI could have also been used since they are the only other two U.S. intelligence agencies which compile and analyze data on behalf of the Intelligence Community (IC). Unfortunately, the two more popular options have been sidelined due to poor credibility. So much so, a documentary-style TV series designed to bolster confidence in the FBI is scheduled to air in the Fall of 2017.

One or two intelligence agencies which have already been proven ineffective in swaying opinion is no more than their word against the president’s. Rewind. Perhaps this is why a month before the previous administration was replaced, President Obama wrote an executive order which allowed classified information to be shared throughout the entire IC. Now the Democrats can freely accuse the president of Russian collusion with the weight of ALL seventeen intelligence agencies – but collusion of what? Undermining the American way of life, freedom, defunding PBS? What could they say the president did which the country would believe? – Something those on the left already want to believe: President Trump is not the legitimate president. This accusation could get traction by saying Russia tampered with the election in favor of the current administration. All the Democrats need to do is prove the Russians hacked into the system of one of the seventeen intelligence agencies and the DNC – and who hasn’t?

Yes there are holes their story. For example, considering the timing, it is not unreasonable to think the Democrats had a hand in their own hacking. Secondly, Why would Vladimir Putin prefer Trump when the incumbent administration was already willing to sell him 20% of America’s uranium and flood the region with billions of dollars IN CASH? And hasn’t President Trump already taken steps toward energy independence as well as retaliated to Syria’s use of chemical weapons which would put him at odds with Russia and the Middle East?

The main objection with the narrative offered by the Democrats is if you have to manufacture an enemy to which to tie your opposition, it proves even if the Trump administration did something wrong, they are not guilty of anything with enough weight to bring them down. There has to be another agency the Democrats can abuse before exiting the oval. Enter Justice Department. They could offer a bit of humor if not overkill by placing the president under some type of criminal investigation.

The beauty of this epic drama is it works on two fronts. It keeps the Trump administration on the defensive and serves as defense for their own malfeasance which is spying on the Trump administration. Outrageous? Your hockey team is defending against a power play (you are outnumbered) and the opposition is about to score. Your team’s defenseman has to trip the player before he shoots which will draw a penalty. This is how games are played when the only objective is to win at any cost.

The Democrats are outnumbered. They did everything including offered a ransom for anyone willing to present damning information about Donald Trump. Everything which was used against him was either refuted, debunked or failed to discredit him. Fighting back at this stage requires new intel. The Democrats do not have a choice. The only way to get potentially damaging information now is to spy.

How does one spy without getting caught? Better still, how does one protect oneself from legal ramification if and when evidence of impropriety is brought to light? Russian collusion legitimizes the surveillance. Once approval is granted for the unmasking of names of the incidental players, the democrats are free to observe any and all communication from President Trump, his staff, cabinet – even his family which could extend into their business dealings to any extent the DNC deems appropriate. This answers the question why the Democrat’s talking points have emphasized Russian collusion every day for the past year.

The perception of Russian collusion is the cornerstone on which the Democrat’s story is built upon. Because of this, any investigation which serves to discredit the Trump administration can never end. If it did, it would force a Democrat or intelligence official to answer specifically and to what extent President Trump, his staff, family or any person, however remotely associated with him, effected the election. If anyone had damning information concerning Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia they would have released it long ago. So, to underscore the Democrat’s story, we have a neverending theme song played on a broken record on a turntable powered by American tax dollars.

Why does the liberal left, the same folks who protest valiantly against hate and claim to support tolerance and equality, reject their chief tenets and despise Trump so, and use every means at their disposal to keep our country divided? Is it because they were humiliated in the last election cycle by someone who was not even in their league? No. Allow me to tell another story to explain.

There was a prominent man who married a woman who had a son. The wife got sick, but before she died the man had an affair which ended in marriage soon after his sick wife passed away. The son, who loved his stepfather, was hated by his stepparents not because he did anything wrong but because he reminded the selfrighteous new couple of their infidelity. The stepfather’s hatred was so strong it caused him to lash out at strangers at the mere mention of his stepson’s name.

It is always easier to blame someone else for the undesirable situations in which we find ourselves than admit to our own shortcomings. The defeated will never ask why they lost because they do not want to know. In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton gave reasons why she lost the election. She mentioned James Comey and WikiLeaks among the things which may have influenced voters. What she did not highlight was anything for which she may have been responsible.

Ultimately, their story will not last the test of time even when backed by a popular mainstream media for the simple reason human nature will not be marginalised. Human beings are not good or bad but a combination of both. It stands to reason if the left is unable to recognize or acknowledge a single praiseworthy act, they cannot be trusted since such bias is inconsistent with human nature.

If the source of news or opinion is all good or all bad, it is misleading and dangerous since it neither shares the true nature of what is nor inspires us to be any better – only to distrust anything contrary.

The mainstream media has been wrong about the poling. They have been wrong about the election. They have been wrong about all things Trump. At some point, considering the mainstream media’s track record of picking the wrong horse, viewers have to assume there is a far better chance of being right if they disagree with the opinion-laced unfavorable information they are being force fed.

Today’s Democratic Party, like the mainstream media, has found themselves in a pickle since they have helped create and continue to feed a hateful mob though they can never admit it. If they alter their position, the same unpredictable nature of the mob could quickly be turned toward them if they say anything contrary to what hate demands. By giving even one favorable acknowledgement to President Trump, the Democrats would effectively humanize their enemy which would make them appear soft which is something hate will not allow.

The extent of a person’s ignorance, delusion, or faith for that matter, is equal to their resistance. Considering the left, after five months of President Trump serving in office, still cannot accept him as president is proof the Democrats put together a good story, but what is the left resisting if not law and order? What the left is contesting is any form of authority which insists on responsibility and consequence. Unfortunately, what corruption will never find, through even the best of storytellers – not even in victory, is peace.


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