Outbursts and Expletives

Posted by John Lindsay on 3rd November 2017 in Christian Articles, News

We have all howled after stubbing our toe or fired off an unpremeditated curse after being startled or hurled a verbal mother of all Hail Mary’s at the point of an impending accident. Considering their frequency and the fact these outbursts are scarcely impacted by the company we keep and are just as likely to contain as much fervor when we are alone, it is a wonder why we never consider to whom these expletives are directed.

Humans are the only creatures on earth who are hell-bent on subconsciously blurting out obscenities to the wind before rational thought has time to determine something appropriate to say. One would think over the course of human existence we would have learned to hold our tongues especially in those instances when there is no one around to hear.

Who continues to build homes where no one resides? The things we choose to do or ignore have a source of inspiration as well as a direct bearing on our destiny. Everything we say has an intended recipient and consequence. Why is it so difficult for so many to admit calling out in times of alarm proves there is something out there greater than ourselves? If there were not, we should have been able to at least occasionally control this seemingly senseless behavior.

These reactive outbursts cannot be confused with a reflex since reflexes are muscular and not cognitive. It would be a hell of a thing if instead of a verbal reaction it was a physical reflex which compelled us to throw our arms over our heads each time the police took us off guard while speeding.

It may be annoying talking to others who may not be giving us their full attention, but it is not crazy. It may be odd seeing people speak to their pets or infants who can hardly grasp their meaning, but they are not breaking any laws. However, when we speak to someone we consider to be a tangible being who is not actually there, we are considered crazy and rightfully so. So, the only rational conclusion as to why human beings throw expletives around like candy at Halloween is either the entire human race is insane or a universal spiritual communication line to a higher authority exists, which would prove, by our own behavior, the existence of God and confirm he is not bias toward whether or not someone believes in him.

It has been duly noted the best way to find out what is on the inside of something is to squeeze it. Life gives us a variety of pressures, frustrations and surprises which can range in duration from days or hours to a split second. Ironically, for atheists and non-Christians, the number one expletive in these times is Jesus Christ.

So, the next time you bark out a “holy crap” when you stab yourself rummaging through the sharp objects in your proverbial junk drawer in the dark, consider the fact, crap, is not holy, but the open spiritual line of communication is. God created it because he wants to communicate with us. So why not use it? What the hell have you got to lose?

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