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A gardener that doesn’t pull a weed out by the root will be destined to deal with the same recurring problems over and over, season after season. Someone committed to a weed-free garden will remove all the weeds by the root. Someone who is relentless will burn the weeds to insure the seeds are destroyed as well.


(Two young men are standing 6 – 10 feet apart facing forward)

PASTOR – In order to understand the meaning of relentlessness we first need to fully comprehend the meaning of the root word, to relent. If to relent is to be more merciful and less harsh and cruel toward something, which could easily be argued to be a good thing, then the opposite, to be relentless, which is to be without pity, unyielding and harsh, isn’t very nice. Actually, it’s downright destructive. When I think of something unyielding and harsh with no pity, I think of fire. But how can something like fire be used in pursuing something good, like a goal? Using something like fire which is relentless in conjunction with something good will simply destroy the good thing, and that would be bad. Spiritually speaking however, using something destructive against something bad is good. In the relentless pursuit of something, relentlessness has nothing to do with the goal. You can however be merciless toward an obstacle or distraction that stands in the way of whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. Furthermore, it’s difficult to hold on to something when our hearts are juggling multiple desires. So, before we can focus on which distractions to be unyielding toward, we need to direct our sights on a single mark and set all else secondary to that primary goal/desire. We all know the dangers of feeding destructive appetites like excessive entertainment and slothfulness. Distractions like these are understandably detrimental. But, with so many followers of Jesus Christ, it’s not necessarily the bad things that get in the way, it’s the good things that are out of Godly order. Jesus emphasized prioritization when he taught us to love the Lord God with all our heart, soul and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. God has stressed the value of families from the time of Abraham. So this apple…

(Pastor takes out a small bag of apples)

PASTOR – …represents your relationship with God as well as the relationship husbands and wives should have for one another as well as family and church. Basically, this apple is what God told us are the most important things to protect.

(Pastor gives an apple to each of the young men)

PASTOR – God also said not to worry about what to wear or what to eat. He also sent his disciples out two by two. They didn’t know where they were going, but God provided shelter for them.

(Pastor drapes a cloak on each young man which requires they use one hand to hold it securely around their necks. He also gives each young man an open umbrella to hold representing shelter. At this point each young man is managing an umbrella and holding the apple and the cloak at the same time.)

PASTOR – Many people after securing God’s blessing, instead of getting good at managing what they’ve been given, embark on the pursuit of happiness – doing whatever they want to do rather than wait for their Godly calling. Today with so many influences, some good and some not so good, it’s very easy to get pulled away from a Godly course into all kinds of directions.

(Two young women enter tossing one orange each into the air and catching them. They proceed to tempt Young Man #1 with their oranges.)

(Young Man #1 looks at one and then the other and immediately shakes his head “no”.)

(The young women tempt Young Man #1 a second time, and again immediately shakes his head “no”.)

(The young women tempt Young Man #1 a third time.)

YOUNG MAN #1 – (forcefully speaking) No!

(The young women mumble detrimental remarks at Young Man #1 and move to Young Man #2 who has been mildly interested the whole time. After Young Man #2’s first temptation, he hesitates and looks over to Young Man #1, sees his example, looks at the girls and shakes his head “no” with timidity and uncertainty – giving the young women an invitation to persuade him further.)

(The young women tempt him a second time, after which his indecision lasts even longer, and, unlike the first temptation, he does not refer to Young Man #1’s example.)

(The two young women wave a third – seemingly more attractive young woman on stage.)


(Young Woman #3, strikes a pose while facing the audience and tosses her orange over her shoulder to Young Man #2 who drops everything to catch her orange.)

(Young Man #2 smiles awkwardly. Then we see a bit of embarrassment in his eyes as he retrieves the umbrella, cloak and apple. He looks at the bruised apple sadly and motions for the new girl to step away, but does not give her back her orange.)

(Young Woman #3 steps a short distance away giving Young Man #2 freedom to bow in a repentant fashion.)

(The Pastor replaces the bruised apple with a fresh one.)

(As Young Man #2 rejoices over his replaced apple, Young Women #3 steps closely to congratulate him. While Young Man #2 welcomes the praise, Young Woman #3 waves the other 2 Young Women closer as well.)

(The other two Young Women pass by Young Man #1.)

YOUNG MAN #1 – No!

(The two Young Women pass by Young Man #1 sporting the attitude they’re too good for him anyway.)

(Young Women #1 offers an orange to the Young Man #2. He doesn’t refuse, but, rather, implies with shrugged shoulders, he doesn’t have a free hand. So Young Lady #2 secures Young Man #2’s cloak freeing one of his hands while Young Lady #3 takes hold of the umbrella freeing his other hand.)

(Young Lady #1 implies she is going to toss her orange, but he postpones her to wait until he is ready. He focuses and they nod their heads together counting, one, two, three. On three, Young Lady #1 tosses the second orange and Young Man #2 starts to awkwardly juggle the apple with the two oranges.)

(After a moment he gains confidence. Young Lady #3 holding the umbrella moves a distance away and the girl with the third orange (Young Lady #2) hands the cloak to Young Lady #1.)Blake and Friends

(Young Lady #2 offers to toss the final orange to Young Man #2. He shakes his head “no”. She insists. He deliberates for a moment and shakes his head “no” again. The girl begins to cry gesturing, “He accepted the other two oranges…why not mine?” This softens Young Man #2 to yield and accept the orange.)


(Young Lady #2 tosses her orange forcing Young Man #2 to drop his apple while catching and continuing to juggle the three oranges. The three Young Ladies leave with his cloak and umbrella.)

YOUNG LADIES – Thanks for everything…We’ll miss you…NOT!

To Be Continued… 


Sorry – for the rest of the story and corresponding scripture references, you’ll have to either register on this site and request the rest of “Relentless” or buy the book Consider the Stars, a collection of faith-based sketches (17 and counting). Either way, you won’t be disappointed. God Speed!

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  1. Oldsoul212 Says:

    An interesting omage to life and our values. However, I would suggest that rather than conveying an apology for revealing the continuance of the skit on the public domain, I would suggest offering the opportunity to purchase the series for use in conveying your inspired word of God.