True Value

Posted by John Lindsay on 12th March 2013 in Christian Articles, News

My wife Laura recently took me to see our safe deposit box for the first time. She played tour guide while we viewed the contents together as if she were showing me the Crown jewels. It was interesting what was valuable to her. There were a couple of non-silver silver dollars (It’s interesting that we are still associating the word “silver” to a dollar in order to keep the illusion of its perceived stability and value alive). She then opened an envelope containing about ten $2 bills and a couple of $25 savings bonds that had reached maturity in the early 80’s. I tried to mimic her enthusiasm. Next in the exhibit were two singles and a $5 bill circa 1954. It does give one perspective holding something in your hand that’s been around longer than you have, but as far as true value goes, the buying power of that same $7, sixty years ago, could have purchased 28 gallons of gas which would cost nearly $100 today at $.25 a gallon (and yes, I rounded it up from $98 for effect since our perception of value is notably greater at $100 than it is at $98).

Then she showed me a couple of cards I had given to her several years ago. I was surprised they still meant so much to her. Like a proud magician, she continued to pull things out of the small box, but the trinkets and coins, even the certificate of title to our home would over time depreciate in value, but not the words I penned by hand on those cards – not to her. No other person in the world would consider those words valuable because they were written for her, which makes her special to me. What’s more is I’m the only one who could discredit or tarnish what I wrote. On the other hand, I’m the only one who can, by my actions over time, cause those same handwritten words to become even more valuable.

What a short time we have to make good on our promises. Yet there are so many opportunities to make good decisions; to behave favorably, for the sake of the foundation we’ve already laid. For those reasons I choose not to believe in an almighty dollar or a scientific theory or some miracle medical cure or even my own limited experience. Instead, for the sake of true value, I willingly trust the inspired word of God for two reasons. Firstly, through the actions of Jesus Christ, God’s word was made even more valuable to me. Secondly and equally, through my faith and God’s matchless grace, I became more valuable to him.

It’s disconcerting how we continue to place such an emphasis on monetary value at the expense of true value in spite of the fact it initially attracts unenlightened people like flies to crap. An unbalanced pursuit of monetary wealth doesn’t bring you closer to lasting love or true friendship, but rather corrupts them at their core. A life or relationship built on stuff money can buy is like a house built on sand – It may stand for a while, but I wouldn’t bet on its longevity – not even with something that devalues as fast as currency.

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