The Wheat and the Chaff

Posted by John Lindsay on 11th November 2013 in Christian Articles, News

Leslie Pilkington

The 700 Club featured a story which aired Wednesday, March 9th 2011, where an English journalist, Patrick Strudwick, posing to be a homosexual seeking help in leaving the gay lifestyle from Christian counselor, Leslie Pilkington. According to the 700 Club’s story, journalist Strudwick recorded counselor Pilkington praying and contradicting the popular claim homosexuals do not have a choice.

The fact a Christian woman was deliberately targeted did not surprise me. The fact unscrupulous tactics were used to lure the counselor’s trust left me unaffected. The inundation of paraded cries for attention and recognition of the self-proclaimed plight of the persecuted homosexual has deafened my ears. What captured my interest was a quote the journalist used to justify his position. He said, “Love needs no cure.” The homosexual community has already ruined one perfectly good word. I for one will not be silent while another misguided soul corrupts another one, certainly not the word love.

What most people call love is not love at all. The Bible makes it plain. Love is patient, and love is kind, but to fully understand the spirit of the word love, we must first understand the nature of its two components: patience and kindness. Patience is choosing not to do what we want to do while kindness is choosing to do what we do not want to do. Point being: love is a deliberate choice to do that which is in direct opposition to what we desire, for the benefit of others. I state this in order to show love is a learned behavior, and, if love must first be learned, then it is impossible to be predisposed to love something at birth.

So if love begins with denying ourselves for the sake of others, how much of what we call love is really love? There is little evidence of anyone denying themselves of anything in today’s sexually indulgent culture. Love to the unenlightened is little more than an addiction which consumes as much as it satisfies which explains why it is so difficult for sexual relationships to break up. Couples do not merely break up –  They go through withdrawals.

Consider the behaviors consistent with individuals addicted to drugs, gambling or pornography. All of these destructive choices offer a temporary renewable heightened experience but place a wedge of separation in the heart of the family. Each weakens self-control and results in isolation. Addicts hide their behavior because they know inherently their behavior is wrong. Addicts will also turn to unethical means to satisfy their dominant desire.

Addicts find normalcy by surrounding themselves with as many other addicts as possible. Crack houses are filled with collaborators who support one another, but self-indulgence or enabling someone else’s destructive choice (no matter how gratifying it is to the senses) cannot be confused with love because its motive is selfish. The hype and marketing dollars spent on casinos and televised poker tournaments will never overshadow the common sense which is gambling bears great risk and rewards very few. Pornography for men and eating disorders for women are enslaving behaviors which coerce their victims into isolation and secrecy.

Is the choice to indulge in homosexuality something which satisfies a craving? Is it something one is inclined to hide from others? Is it something which has caused separation from friends or family members? If the answer is yes, then homosexuality fits very neatly into the category of an addiction. It also makes sense why someone would stoop so low as to use deception to take advantage of a woman to further their agenda.

Addictions weaken character which leads me to question why Mr. Strudwick did not target a male Christian counselor or a counselor of a faith other than Christianity? Are noble causes not worth the risk of picking on someone your own size? The reason Mr. Strudwick did not target a male psychologist is because women are generally more passive and predictable then men. Likewise, the Muslim faith is far more vocal about their views of homosexual behavior. Mr. Strudwick did not target a Muslim counselor because of the slight possibility of having his head separated from his neck.

The goal of good journalism at one time was held to a higher standard. It used to be fair and unbiased. When someone uses their office to further their personal agenda, it is considered a conflict of interest. It would not have been difficult to engage a third party to write an exposé, but this was not about exposing something. It was designed to do permanent damage.wheat-tares

Mr. Strudwick did not discredit and embarrass just anyone. He targeted someone in the medical profession. He did not target a man. He did not confront the Muslim faith. He deliberately chose the path with the least amount of resistance which would yield the greatest return. Those who believe the end justifies the means are morally bankrupt, which provides yet another compelling parallel supporting the argument that homosexuality is an addiction; the polar opposite of love.

I would have hoped the homosexual community would have been outraged by such an unscrupulous attack used by one of their members, but their silence puts them in league with Mr. Strudwick. Homosexual activists may succeed in putting the fear of god into the medical profession and silence further opposition with bullying tactics. They may even sway the lukewarm Christians to step into their liberal camp, but to think pushing all their chips to the center of the table and saying, “all in” would cause God to fold his hand is an act of lunacy.

If homosexuality is what the Bible says it is, why is it continuing to become more and more accepted? How can so many fall prey to the strategies being used to recruit new members into the homosexual community and, at the same time, blind the eyes of the surrounding conservative culture?

Drug dealers turn non-users into users through recruitment. Once a target indulges, they are brought into the using community which gives the new recruit the sense of belonging they are longing for. But it is ultimately not the drug the user is after. It is the sense of belonging. The drug simply facilitates the relationship and serves as the common bond.

It is no surprise homosexuals recruit heterosexuals into their community. In this instance sex is the drug. Homosexuals recruit heterosexuals by convincing the young and impressionable that satisfying sexual desire is natural and good. The problem with desire is, without self-discipline, the more you satisfy it the more you crave it and the baser the behavior, the more exciting it becomes. Likewise, extramarital affairs for heterosexuals are more titillating not because they are good but because they are bad. No enlightened individual would place love in the same category with satisfying sexual desire or determining love by the level of sexual excitement.

How can someone be recruited into a lifestyle if they are not already a party to that nature? Why do so many of our youth allow gangs to beat them to the point of death in their initiation? People want to belong to something. With the weakening of the family unit and our departure from the boundaries taught in Judeo-Christian doctrine, people often find themselves hopeless and alone. There is nothing more inviting to the empty-hearted than a sense of belonging – even at the cost of allowing themselves to be abused.

By the very means by which Mr. Strudwick coerced the information from Leslie Pilkington, who did nothing but use every means in her power to usher a man toward his self-proclaimed desired destination, he has compromised his credibility and made himself untrustworthy. Consequently, all who believe his words believe the words of a liar without moral boundaries so blinded by desire that he, like an addict, cannot associate an action with its consequence.

If homosexuality is what homosexuals profess it to be, and their cause is getting more attention and acceptance than ever before, then why are they still so discontent? What compels them to viciously attack at the first sign of the slightest provocation? Apparently it is not enough every movie and television show and commercial has to have a token representative paying homage to homosexuality.

Mr. Strudwick, I am sorry your choice of lifestyle prevents you from experiencing the joys of having children of your own. I am sorry your father’s seed will not be passed on through you to another generation. I regret no one was successful in teaching you men do not attack woman, but defend them with their lives. I would have preferred you had attacked a man. I still would not have agreed with you, but at least it would have shown you to be somewhat honorable.

If I am incorrect on any of my facts about Patrick Strudwick’s conduct and motive based on the possibility of bias in the story presented by the 700 Club, I will be happy to retract any portion of this article and tender my apologies.

Forgiveness is the culmination of patience and kindness; the perfect act of love. Today, the good news is repentance still enables God’s forgiveness. I forgive you Mr. Strudwick, and I am sure my sister, Leslie Pilkington, will fight this small inconvenience with dignity and poise, but, even if she is stripped away of her credentials and reputation, she, if she has not already, will forgive you as well because that, sir, is what love is.

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