Shifting Weight

Posted by John Lindsay on 17th November 2014 in Christian Doctrine, Health, News

pushing rockThere are two ways to get children somewhere on time. One way is to wake them up, set out their clothes, prepare their food and drive them everywhere they need to be. Another is to help out only when needed, and, if the kids miss the bus, they walk to school. If both schools of thought get the same good result, are both methods of getting the result good?

The only way to determine the quality of the upbringing is to evaluate the child’s behavior when they are on their own. More specifically, how the child handles personal responsibility. The child who relies on someone else to get them up in the morning will only appear to be responsible as long as someone is there to assist. That same child will unlikely be successful in any action where punctuality is foundational since some responsibilities are necessary for other responsibilities to rest upon. Read the rest of this entry »

Out of the Blue

Posted by John Lindsay on 12th March 2014 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment, Christian Doctrine, News

blue_sky04Most people prefer listening to the music they grew up with. Being a teenager in the seventies, I knew every James Taylor song by heart. I would listen to the same recording again and again. I could anticipate the intro of the next song in the silence between the tracks. When the last song came around it made me sad, but then it began again from the beginning and everything was alright. I hoped for another James Taylor song to add to my list of favorites but it never came.

With the exception of Paul McCartney, whose career, list of accomplishments and longevity are unparalleled, most writers tend to produce their best work early then slowly fade away.  Do these once upon a time writers stop producing new material because their creative well dried up? If so, what would turn an oasis into a desert, especially in the later years when there is so much more to say? Read the rest of this entry »

Holey Humanism

Posted by John Lindsay on 7th January 2014 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment, Christian Doctrine, Health, News

Atlas_(Farnese_Globe)There is nothing wrong with feeling good about oneself. It is in fact a state of being which God desires for us. It is crucial, however, how we arrive at such a conclusion.

One of the most popular philosophies people use to boost their self-esteem is Humanisma system of values and beliefs based on the idea people are basically good and that problems can be solved using reason instead of religion. Humanism also generally prefers individual thought and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over established doctrine or faith (fideism).

Humanism is based on the supposition people are basically good which suggests goodness is a state of being when it is not. Goodness is a state of doing. Reason may be able to get someone out of a pit but without instruction and sound doctrine what prevents a person from falling in the first place?

Evidence proves humans have more potential than any living creature, but to assume having great potential makes humans good is easily debatable. From ecology to human rights it is apparent humanism alone has done more harm than good for the simple truth it assumes responsibility is inherent when it is not.

The Humanist stands behind rational thought, but whatever good can come from rational thought is negated by an under abundance of rational thinkers on both sides of the equation. Read the rest of this entry »

Extreme Faith

Posted by John Lindsay on 28th December 2013 in Christian Articles, Health, News

Medicine BibleTwo guys walk into a doctor’s office. The doctor tells them both they are going to die in six months. Six months later one dies while the other lives another thirty years. Why the difference? – Perhaps because one believed the prognosis and the other did not. If this is true, do people die from the presence of disease or an absence of faith?

Let us assume for argument’s sake, disease is a guardrail on the road of life; a not-so-subtle reminder something is wrong and/or missing. If disease is a symptom based on unhealthy actions initiated by bad choices, what precedes the choice? What convinces us to continue to make detrimental decisions as well as turn a blind eye to their consequences? Read the rest of this entry »

What Gives Us the Right?

Posted by John Lindsay on 12th December 2013 in Christian Articles, News

Voting Rights

Landowners having voting rights makes sense. Authority should be based on responsibility provided there is sufficient means of holding the responsible party accountable. Business owners having a right to vote also makes sense. What does not make sense is giving voting rights to the unaccountable. Today, when the irresponsible cast their vote, it is received with the same weight as the vote of a land or business owner. When this occurs, the value shifts from the land or business and gives equal weight to the unaccountable by diluting the value of those willing to take responsibility. Equally disturbing is when the unaccountable were first allowed to vote, the social incentive to own land or a business was eliminated as well as any need to develop the skill and fortitude necessary to maintain them. Read the rest of this entry »

The Wheat and the Chaff

Posted by John Lindsay on 11th November 2013 in Christian Articles, News

Leslie Pilkington

The 700 Club featured a story which aired Wednesday, March 9th 2011, where an English journalist, Patrick Strudwick, posing to be a homosexual seeking help in leaving the gay lifestyle from Christian counselor, Leslie Pilkington. According to the 700 Club’s story, journalist Strudwick recorded counselor Pilkington praying and contradicting the popular claim homosexuals do not have a choice.

The fact a Christian woman was deliberately targeted did not surprise me. The fact unscrupulous tactics were used to lure the counselor’s trust left me unaffected. The inundation of paraded cries for attention and recognition of the self-proclaimed plight of the persecuted homosexual has deafened my ears. What captured my interest was a quote the journalist used to justify his position. He said, “Love needs no cure.” The homosexual community has already ruined one perfectly good word. I for one will not be silent while another misguided soul corrupts another one, certainly not the word love. Read the rest of this entry »

You Never Know

Posted by John Lindsay on 30th September 2013 in News

Tenors2You never know who’s going to be standing next to you thirty years from now. Friends regrettably often come and go with geography and circumstance; disposable – replaceable.

What if we could somehow see into the future to a special event; some sacrifice designed to reveal the stuff character is made of? I have to believe if people knew beforehand who was going to show up thirty years later they would see things more clearly.

There was recently just such an event. It was a concert organized by alumni of an Eastern Michigan University vocal ensemble to pay tribute to their beloved professor. Members of the group were invited and given a year’s notice. Thirty years ago I would have expected the tenor section to have been the most faithful. Read the rest of this entry »

X – Terminator

Posted by John Lindsay on 19th September 2013 in Christian Articles, Humor, News

Female Action HeroAs I sit nursing bee stings from yesterday’s bout with what used to be a wasp nest near our house, I can’t help but feel conflicted. I know they were just protecting their home and family, but so was I. The difference is I have a mortgage. I would have preferred to have had the hive moved but the cost of an exterminator or bee keeper was $300 as opposed to the wasp killer I bought on sale at Home Depot for $3.25 a can. It’s sad when rescuing something is far more expensive than it is to destroy it.

I noticed the bees months ago. I’ve been walking by the hive without incident until recently. It was clear they were multiplying. There was no telling how many wasps were camped out now. (What makes us put off the inevitable? Fear of getting stung? It’s interesting that the fear of getting stung will keep you from doing something while getting stung will most likely spring you into action.)

After getting stung the first time, which really made me mad because it was unprovoked, I put on another layer of clothes and draped a towel over my head and went on the offensive. I took a garden hoe and uncovered the nest – and ran. I scrambled in such a panic my feet couldn’t get traction and I stumbled frantically onto the back porch and eventually made my way across the yard the neighbor’s fence. My neighbor noticed a couple of wasps tagging along on my clothes. I swatted at the air and jogged home bobbing and weaving like a boxer.  I closed the door behind myself still racing with adrenaline. Through the kitchen window I could see hundreds of wasps in array. I noticed a couple of wasps on the inside of the window – then a couple more. I must have brought them in with me. Read the rest of this entry »

Reel Trouble

Posted by John Lindsay on 8th July 2013 in Christian Articles, Christian Doctrine, News
The One That God Away

The One That Got Away

I was fishing for bass. I chose a surface lure – a Jitterbug. I positioned the boat where the bass were. The net was nearby. It was the right time of day. My first cast was long and well-positioned. I had barely cranked the reel enough to get the slack out of the line when something raised itself slowly up out of the water the way porpoise or whales do. Read the rest of this entry »

Garden Maintenance

Posted by John Lindsay on 8th July 2013 in Christian Articles, Christian Doctrine, News
Can you find the clover?

Can you find the clover?

After another luscious drenching Michigan rain, I noticed everything went on a growth spurt – not only all of the flowers and vegetables, but the weeds as well. Suddenly there was a blanket of green from a host of tiny intrusive plants. It would take forever to pull them out one at a time, but since the soil hadn’t dried out yet, it was still easy to loosen the surface and rub out the weeds root and all a hundred at a time.

It’s comforting how truth is always consistent under diverse settings. The truth of God’s word, like water, softens the soil of our heart which enables growth in one area of our garden and enables easy weeding in another. Read the rest of this entry »