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Russian Collusion

Posted by John Lindsay on 9th April 2017 in News, Op Ed

Russian and American flagEvery story needs a good antagonist. There is no better way to  measure the fortitude  of a potential hero  than for them to be backed into a corner by their proverbial giant. Some of the worst experiences in life, when taken in stride, have a tendency to develop thick skin, intelligence and perseverance. It would not surprise me if President Trump, and, to no small extent many members of the Republican party, are more strengthened and inspired due to the level of vitriol plaguing their every move.   So, if the ill manner of the Fascist Left is prodding someone to sink or swim, I would argue they are a necessary evil since they are provoking people who have never taken a stand to pick a side.

As a writer it is my ultimate objective to expose truth. One of the many things I have learned as a storyteller is truth is rarely found where you would expect. If you believe you have found truth without a great deal of searching, you very well may believe in a counterfeit version. For example, the U.S. Democratic Party and its friends in the liberal mainstream media have gone out of their way to put Russia in the spotlight in order to expose their every flaw and foible, but are they being heroic by sharing useful information or cowardly by spreading propaganda for political purposes? The fact is neither. They are merely presenting information their focus groups are telling them the rest of us want to hear.

The successful television series “Castle” emphasized the need to supplement the work of investigators with the craft of a storyteller in order to place the facts in a context. Storytellers have the unique ability to step back in order to see the whole. Readers are generally too close and will jump to conclusions and form opinions too quickly and are invariably proven wrong until the author reveals the real truth in the final chapter.

The movie “Wag the Dog” depicted how a good story could support arbitrary and interchangeable facts – even lies. Fact-based truth seems to be inconsequential in journalism. Only a good story is required. Which is why it is never enough for elected officials to simply do what they believe is best. They require political strategists who are the writers and production teams behind the stories they narrate. Read the rest of this entry »