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Wear and tear

“Wear and Tear” is a sketch written by John Lindsay. Wear and Tear was first performed at Destiny Worship Center in 2011. This church-friendly drama is a short two-part comedy requiring two characters. This Christian comedy is ideal for a church or Bible study considering incorporating drama into its service or youth program. Below is the first half of this two-part sketch. If you’d like the full script, make a request for a complementary complete copy of “Wear and Tear” via email to Keep in mind that there are 15 sketches for all occasions complete with lesson plans and scripture references in the collection Consider the Stars.

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The Art of the Follow Through

I’m John Lindsay– Avid bowler. During one of my late night practices, as much as I tried to focus on my technique (i.e. balance, timing, release, relaxing, pace, etc.), there was a group of young people a couple of lanes down that caught my attention. One girl in particular seemed like she’d had enough.  Read the rest of this entry »