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Posted by John Lindsay on 9th January 2016 in Christian Doctrine, Op Ed


The term “rush hour” defines a period of time when people move slowly or not at all – making it the epitome of a misnomer. Rushing in this instance has nothing to do with speed. It has more to do with the state of mind we tend to create for ourselves. In the moment we consider everything to be an obstacle, peace and freedom are replaced with a host of binding emotions which can often lead to irrational behavior.

We are the ones who stay up too late and sleep in the following morning. We are the ones who take our time getting ready. Yet we have the gall to disregard all of our own bad choices and turn the wrath of our anger (which should have been reserved for ourselves) on some stranger who just happened to get in our way. A mature responsible human being would be embarrassed for forcing everyone else to endure his recklessness yet it is dismissed as acceptable behavior. Why? Because we love our selfishness. We take pride in it. Why? Because it satisfies every son of man’s addiction for control. Read the rest of this entry »

Highway Driven

Posted by John Lindsay on 18th December 2012 in News

I was riding my bike on the same road I’ve driven a thousand times yet I was noticing things for the first time: a lawn ornament; the unevenness in the pavement; the unique differences of each home and garden. When I drove the same street in my car, I saw houses and trees but not their uniqueness and character. It seemed to me when you travel faster than you’re designed to, you diminish the capability to discern the distinctiveness and quality of the objects you encounter.

Who’d have guessed by moving faster than we ought, we’d blur our vision and lose our appreciation for detail? We should have known buying time would cost us something; not the least of which, our peace of mind. Behind the contorted expressions we fire toward one another when someone gets in our way, we all know we should slow down. Even in light of the staggering statistics of accidents which, ironically, are caused by the same vehicles with which we have designed to protect ourselves, we turn a deaf ear and numb emotion to the casualties which continue to pay for the status symbols to which we have enslaved ourselves.

Is it too late to change and recapture the wonder of life along the way? I don’t think so. I hear it’s as easy as riding a bike.

Practice What’s Been Preached

Posted by John Lindsay on 27th December 2011 in Christian Articles

There’s no arguing that people enjoy doing what they’re good at, but no one gets good at anything without practice. The same holds true for us as followers of Jesus. If we find walking with our Lord difficult, it’s probably because we haven’t been practicing. Does anyone honestly, deliberately rehearse going the speed limit or maintaining a calm demeanor or smiling without cause? We’ve all practiced merging into traffic, but are we experts at allowing others to merge in before us? If we’re not trained for the minor pressures of the day’s most common occurrences, how can we expect to be adequately prepared for the weight of loving our enemy when that opportunity arises?

The hardest thing about any kind of disciplined routine is getting started. The best thing about doing something for the first time is you only have to do it once. Why not start with a smile. Don’t wait. Do it now. Don’t miss the opportunity. Hold a smile through the next sentence or two. Read the rest of this entry »