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Reel Trouble

Posted by John Lindsay on 8th July 2013 in Christian Articles, Christian Doctrine, News
The One That God Away

The One That Got Away

I was fishing for bass. I chose a surface lure – a Jitterbug. I positioned the boat where the bass were. The net was nearby. It was the right time of day. My first cast was long and well-positioned. I had barely cranked the reel enough to get the slack out of the line when something raised itself slowly up out of the water the way porpoise or whales do. Read the rest of this entry »

The Art of the Follow Through

I’m John Lindsay– Avid bowler. During one of my late night practices, as much as I tried to focus on my technique (i.e. balance, timing, release, relaxing, pace, etc.), there was a group of young people a couple of lanes down that caught my attention. One girl in particular seemed like she’d had enough.  Read the rest of this entry »