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Posted by John Lindsay on 16th February 2015 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment, News

NoahArk2An article written by an American Airlines pilot recently suggested, “It is not the general public’s responsibility to treat every Arab/Muslim as if he’s not a terrorist. It is the responsibility of the Arab/Muslims to prove to us they are not.” The pilot made a compelling argument which closed with the recurring phrase “You worry me,” which served as the theme of the piece.

It takes bravery and humility to look at life’s challenges through a biblical lens. Through such a lens God’s word is unmistakably clear on one point: We should worry for nothing. All the justification in the world, therefore, will not condone entertaining an urge for which the word of God has warned us to resist. The Bible is also adamant on another principle: Do that which pleases God and be blessed; don’t do them and be cursed. It stands to reason then, if terrorism is a curse, we did something to trigger it. To understand what that something is, we need to widen our scope of view. Read the rest of this entry »

Muslim Enemy Number 1

Posted by John Lindsay on 20th April 2013 in Christian Articles, Christian Doctrine, News


When I was 2 or 3-years-old, my grandmother would ask me to top sucking my thumb. I would then take my thumb out of my mouth and, with my thumb still wet with saliva, say, “I’m not sucking my thumb.” Who would have thought a child so young would show such a high aptitude for a career in either a journalism or politics.

In the aftermath of yet another seemingly arbitrary bombing, several reporters used their political correctness filters to avoid jumping to the obvious conclusion the offence was at the hands of Muslims. By doing so, they asked their audience to assume a cowardly strike aimed at the general public may have been orchestrated by some other group. Meanwhile, peaceful Muslims attempted to assure anyone who would listen, the Muslim faith does not condone the actions of their extremist brothers. Read the rest of this entry »