Posted by John Lindsay on 2nd October 2018 in News

Adam awoke each morning to sunshine in a beautiful garden. Fresh water flowed freely from springs. There were no thorns or thistles. After a time he had named every animal, bird and creeping thing he saw – and he remembered. But something was missing. So, God put Adam to sleep and when he awoke he saw Eve, the picture of perfection. He was now a learned man who instantly became a teacher. He escorted his bride through the garden instructing her of every living thing – and she remembered. They ate together. They laughed together. They cared for each other. They explored their garden and saw things through each other’s eyes. They knew God. They were different and they were the same – and they remembered. Read the rest of this entry »

Receiver Beware

Posted by John Lindsay on 30th September 2018 in News

Homer’s Iliad told the tale of the Trojan war which was supposed to have occurred some 3,200 years ago. According to the tale, Troy was notably better than its opposition in every way, especially in the area of fortification. Nevertheless, the Greeks, through some ingenuity, sacked the Trojans and the rest is mythology. Whether the Trojan war actually occurred at this point is probably irrelevant, however, what can be gleaned from Homer’s writing may still be significant today. Read the rest of this entry »

Man’s Authority

Posted by John Lindsay on 23rd September 2018 in Christian Articles, News, Op Ed

It is not easy to go to work every day. Work takes its toll on a body to where it constantly lags behind its desire. Shortness of breath persists. Coughing remains chronic. The urge to urinate becomes inconveniently frequent. Heartbeats can become as irregular as Morse Code. Even so, men press on – Because that is what men do.

We have often been reminded in Christian circles mature men are responsible for themselves and someone else – specifically, their wives. Wives care for their husbands and assist in the nurturing and training of Godly children, which, by reasonable standards should appear fair. Yet many women want more. Read the rest of this entry »

Public Opinion Shatters

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It has  been some time since Roseanne Barr was terminated by ABC for sharing her thoughts publicly for tweeting something disrespectful to former president Barack Obama senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett. Why Ms. Barr’s comment would warrant such a harsh backlash could only be adjudicated in the court of public opinion.

The abnormal thing about the reaction to Ms. Barr’s tweet was the agreement by both liberal and conservative media organizations. When two opposing ideologies agree there can be only two conclusions – Either both are right or both are wrong. Read the rest of this entry »


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Graffiti, defacement or outright vandalism are common tactics used when someone wants to communicate their opinion without an opposing argument. Like depantsing or other juvenile types of humiliation, the purveyors strike when the likelihood of resistance is low, or when their mob reaches a size which insures the individual’s anonymity – not unlike the cowardice of a terrorist. What is most disturbing in civilized society is the defacement or destruction of monuments erected to those long deceased who cannot defend themselves.

A pastor of sorts was recently interviewed in regard to his support of the destruction of Confederate monuments. He remained articulate and poised and did not come off as smug or overtly emotional as most on the far left do. My overall objection with his position was it lacked perspective. It is easy to look at the Civil War South as enemies and traitors, albeit no more rebellious than their forefathers had been toward the English Empire a century before. The easiest thing to forget in times like these is the fact the person you call enemy, traitor and slave owner, is also a fellow American and sometimes literally your brother. Read the rest of this entry »

Outbursts and Expletives

Posted by John Lindsay on 3rd November 2017 in Christian Articles, News

We have all howled after stubbing our toe or fired off an unpremeditated curse after being startled or hurled a verbal mother of all Hail Mary’s at the point of an impending accident. Considering their frequency and the fact these outbursts are scarcely impacted by the company we keep and are just as likely to contain as much fervor when we are alone, it is a wonder why we never consider to whom these expletives are directed.

Humans are the only creatures on earth who are hell-bent on subconsciously blurting out obscenities to the wind before rational thought has time to determine something appropriate to say. One would think over the course of human existence we would have learned to hold our tongues especially in those instances when there is no one around to hear. Read the rest of this entry »

Russian Collusion

Posted by John Lindsay on 9th April 2017 in News, Op Ed

Russian and American flagEvery story needs a good antagonist. There is no better way to  measure the fortitude  of a potential hero  than for them to be backed into a corner by their proverbial giant. Some of the worst experiences in life, when taken in stride, have a tendency to develop thick skin, intelligence and perseverance. It would not surprise me if President Trump, and, to no small extent many members of the Republican party, are more strengthened and inspired due to the level of vitriol plaguing their every move.   So, if the ill manner of the Fascist Left is prodding someone to sink or swim, I would argue they are a necessary evil since they are provoking people who have never taken a stand to pick a side. Read the rest of this entry »

What Does It All Mean?

Posted by John Lindsay on 16th January 2017 in Christian Articles, News

TProfessor-NYU tirtadehe instant a person opens their mouth to communicate they reveal everything from their uttermost desire to whether they have the means to achieve it. There is a host of clues which expose strength and weakness, of which even the speaker may be unaware, ranging from what and how someone speaks to what they choose to call themselves. All you have to do is listen. Read the rest of this entry »

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

Posted by John Lindsay on 6th December 2016 in Christian Articles, News, Op Ed

I am Jerry Brainard, the radio announcer for KJOY in San Francisco. I also happen to be a fictional character in a story written by Deborah Craig-Claar and Mark Hayes entitled, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” The actor who portrays me…isn’t important.

The story revolves around a functional family in a turbulent time, and begins Thanksgiving day amidst the anxiety preceding America’s involvement in the 2nd World War. The story shows how our faith was stretched as we inched our way through one of the worst days in American history.

I know my way around the entertainment business. As a radio announcer, it was my job to keep folks tuned in, but, after what happened on that fateful Sunday morning of December 7th, my job turned into something more. I heard the news of the attack the same as everyone else, on the radio. I got mad and cried and felt helpless like everyone else, but when I squared off to the microphone afterward, I knew I couldn’t let the news trigger a knee-jerk reaction. Saying what I felt was too raw, unpredictable and sad. What good would my opinion do anyone – including me? Read the rest of this entry »

Doctors Orders

Posted by John Lindsay on 12th October 2016 in Christian Articles, News, Op Ed

in_god_we_trust_hatWhat would a wise doctor suggest for an ailing America?…

Hey doc. For the longest time I haven’t felt like my old self. I thought it would pass. In the past I could bounce back from anything, but there’s been a lot of bruising and bleeding and it seems to be getting worse. I can’t afford to pay you. My health insurance got changed so you’re not even my doctor any more. Can you please just take a quick look and tell me if it’s serious or all in my head? Read the rest of this entry »