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Consider the Stars

Faith-Based Drama Resource Hits Home

Livonia, MI June 1, 2012

Writer John Lindsay and Author House Publishing recently released Consider the Stars. The 300 page book is a collection of 16 Christian skits for faith-based dramatists.

A great story, like a catchy tune, sticks with you. It can quickly get under your skin and be impossible to forget. Stories have the power to mold character. Christian sketches can be instructive, critical yet unobtrusive, and, at the same time, entertain.

Consider the Stars’ stories include no superheroes or sorcerers yet succeed in capturing real conflict laced with a surprising amount of humor and surprise in the classic style of O. Henry. In the more dramatic works, “The Prisoner’s Task” and “Rachel’s Song”, the protagonists attempt to transform their respective opposition into heroes in true Dickens’ fashion.

Four of the stories of the Consider the Stars collection were part of a production entitled Act of God which was first produced in Branson, MO in 2005. The first sketch, “What’s in a Name”, depicts a morbid game show made up of recently deceased contestants. The game (which nobody wins) serves to further annoy the players who are oblivious to their own shortcomings. The comedy is enhanced by the invasive timing of sound effects which magnifies the chaos. Act of God’s final sketch, “The Battleground”, leads the reader on an adventure through a series of vignettes and cameo appearances by notable personalities. The underlying focus of the sketch exposes life’s distractions and reveals the most important issue human beings needs to address.

Many of Consider the Stars’ Christian skits have seasonal themes. Five sketches fall into the Christmas category. Two sketches could easily be incorporated into a Good Friday or Easter celebration. “Resurrection Day Special Report” depicts the events leading up to and including Jesus’ crucifixion in a way suitable for younger audiences. The other stories in the collection deal with faith, hope, love, family, financial stewardship and the value of a good name. Read the rest of this entry »

Law and Order

Posted by John Lindsay on 15th March 2012 in Christian Articles, News

Have you ever considered what holds the stars in place? How can they burn so consistently millennium after millennium with so little distinguishable change? Or the planets? I have a difficult time guiding my knife cleanly around a grapefruit, yet our earth travels around the sun without fail while rotating at 1,000 MPH moving at 66,500 MPH only to arrive back within inches of where it began the previous year.

We have faith the sun will rise again tomorrow just as it did today because of natural law. We can predict the moment the sun will rise hundreds of years from now and will be extremely accurate because of the reliability of natural law. Our universe is governed by laws of motion, gravity and polarity relative to distance, mass, substance type and temperature. Consequently, if a rock and a feather were dropped, even if the feather catches a breeze or the rock is thrown into the air, they are both subject to the law of gravity and will invariably fall. If everyone who professes contrariwise would be wrong and everyone in agreement would be right no matter how many times the theory is tested, we must be willing to acknowledge the principles of natural law and truth exist, and are one and the same. Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by John Lindsay on 16th February 2012 in Christian Arts and Entertainment, Christian Drama, Faith-based Scripts

A gardener that doesn’t pull a weed out by the root will be destined to deal with the same recurring problems over and over, season after season. Someone committed to a weed-free garden will remove all the weeds by the root. Someone who is relentless will burn the weeds to insure the seeds are destroyed as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Wear and tear

“Wear and Tear” is a sketch written by John Lindsay. Wear and Tear was first performed at Destiny Worship Center in 2011. This church-friendly drama is a short two-part comedy requiring two characters. This Christian comedy is ideal for a church or Bible study considering incorporating drama into its service or youth program. Below is the first half of this two-part sketch. If you’d like the full script, make a request for a complementary complete copy of “Wear and Tear” via email to Keep in mind that there are 15 sketches for all occasions complete with lesson plans and scripture references in the collection Consider the Stars.

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Practice What’s Been Preached

Posted by John Lindsay on 27th December 2011 in Christian Articles

There’s no arguing that people enjoy doing what they’re good at, but no one gets good at anything without practice. The same holds true for us as followers of Jesus. If we find walking with our Lord difficult, it’s probably because we haven’t been practicing. Does anyone honestly, deliberately rehearse going the speed limit or maintaining a calm demeanor or smiling without cause? We’ve all practiced merging into traffic, but are we experts at allowing others to merge in before us? If we’re not trained for the minor pressures of the day’s most common occurrences, how can we expect to be adequately prepared for the weight of loving our enemy when that opportunity arises?

The hardest thing about any kind of disciplined routine is getting started. The best thing about doing something for the first time is you only have to do it once. Why not start with a smile. Don’t wait. Do it now. Don’t miss the opportunity. Hold a smile through the next sentence or two. Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by John Lindsay on 11th December 2011 in Christian Articles, Christian Arts and Entertainment, Faith-based Writers

Today more and more people want the benefits of hard work without actually doing any.

If you are conscientious, you work hard generating momentum hoping someday you will have enough to retire comfortably on a sandy beach somewhere. Gaining drive through education and diligent effort toward a single goal is important, but there are very few historical examples of people accelerating to the end. Moses and David are two rare cases, but even Jesus, because his life by average standards was relatively short, would not fit into the group I am addressing. The apostle John did end up on a sandy beach (if you count writing the book of Revelation while being exiled on the isle of Patmos retirement). Read the rest of this entry »